Potential Problems

What are the Negatives of Teaching English in China?

The biggest negative is that it is not “home”

You are away from family and friends. You are away from the comfortable and familiar. Actually for some, this may be a plus!

Finding the negatives of living in any foreign society and culture is easy. Many people seem to think that if it is not like home, it must be bad.

Of course there is culture shock. Of course things are different. Of course people are speaking in a totally incomprehensible language. But what would be the point of going to China if everything was just like home?

Some people complain!

If you go to forums on the Internet you are likely to read many negative things. Some people complain about the housing. Some people complain about not being paid on time. Some people complain about the culture. Some people complain about the food. Some people complain about health care. Some people complain about the working conditions. Some people complain about the hassles dealing with government officials (but don’t we all, even in our home countries). Some people complain about the dangers of driving!  Some people complain!

China is not your home country, don’t expect it to be.  The Chinese have their own way of doing things, whether visiting foreigners like it or not. The way they do things may not make sense to you, but many of the things other countries do don’t make sense to Chinese people either.

Oh yeah, it can get COLD in the winter in many areas, that’s a negative for some of us.  But, the spring is beautiful!