Paperwork Problems for Teachers

Paper Work Requirements for Teaching English in China

Is it a nightmare?

Not really.  Your employer and/or recruiter will coach you through the process.

One of the authors of this website has worked and lived in five foreign countries – all with very different – and yes, even annoying – requirements.  Every country seems like an impossibility to get it done, and personally, he always worried about it.

BUT – it ALWAYS got done.

Just follow your employer and/or recruiter’s advice – STEP BY STEP.

Try to not look at the whole process.  Just look at what you need to do next.  What forms and documents do you need to gather in advance.

You are likely NOT your employer’s or recruiter’s first foreign employee.  They quite understand your worry about it and they also know EXACTLY what needs to be done.

Don’t worry about it until it needs to be done and then follow their advice to the letter.

Requirements change from time to time and can vary depending on your employer, for example; working in a public school versus a private language school or a university versus kindergarten.

Worrying about it and making decisions based on what you might think is the difficulty level is not productive (assuming that you truly meet all the requirements for the job, of course).

Step-by-Step . . .